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Inspiring Resilience for the Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals are under enormous stress. Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Case Managers, Technicians, Psychologists, Nutritionists, and Administrators all face extraordinary expectations.  For these professionals to be at their focused best – working with multiple patients as well as addressing the patients’ families over long shifts – requires strong resilience.


Don and Betsy experienced firsthand the incredible resilience of some amazing healthcare professionals.  After a house fire caused life-threatening burn injuries to over forty percent of his body – Don spent 30 days in the ICU with Betsy at his side advocating for his recovery.


Don and Betsy share a story of resilience from each of their perspectives – as patient and lead family member.  They demonstrate how resilience inspired a powerful collaboration with their caregivers that resulted in an outcome that exceeded all expectations.


At the conclusion of their presentation, Don and Betsy lead an interactive experience that generates insights for each participant as they explore the three fundamentals that embody resilience – the power of reshaping fear, that your relationships matter, and how growth is experienced when you make meaningful change.

Feedback and response:

3dquoteHi Don and Betsy,

I wanted to let you know that on all of the program evaluations, we asked participants to rate you on a 1-5 scale (1-poor, 2-fair, 3-average, 4-good, 5-great) in several different areas that are required by Colorado Case Managers, which is who gives continued education credits for our program.  The following were the areas you were rated on:

1.       How to jump start personal energy

2.       How to take charge of your own health and empowerment

3.       Identifying the significance of adaptive attitudes to successful outcomes

4.       Techniques for effective collaboration

5.       Relevance of the content to your work

Then they were given an area for comments and suggestions.  All of the evaluations turned in gave you either 4’s or 5’s in all areas, the majority 5’s.  Some of the individual comments included the following:

“Phenomenal presentation!”

“Very inspirational!”

“Exceptional!  Made me excited about being an RN again!”

“The best, very moving, Thanks!”

“Very energizing, obviously following their life’s passion, mission.  Brilliant, insightful, inspirational!!”

“Incredible Speakers”

“Great narrative and inspiring.”3dquote

Thank you both so much.  I hope that we can work with one another in the future.

Kerstin Olson, President, Rocky Mountain Chapter, Case Management Society of America

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