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We help you strengthen your resilience to accomplish what you didn’t think possible.

Your resilience matters – in how you show up, how you move forward, and how you inspire others to do the same. As a leader, your ability to manage stress while adapting to change powerfully influences the team. Your strong resilience fosters a mindset that brings your words and actions into alignment – building trust with those who count on you.

The Profound Resilience experience:

1. You come to the program carrying with you all the identities of your personal and professional life – you sit down as who you are.

2. We share our story in a way that opens an opportunity for your shift in perspective. That “shift” sparks authentic conversations you’ll have during the guided workshop – conversations that generate insight and identify an action you may take.

3. Taking that action opens you to new possibilities that inspire another action. It’s a process of ongoing achievement that builds your capacity to overcome challenges – strengthening your resilience.

The Presentation:


Within the opening seconds of the program, a spark happens. You will know you are experiencing something different. No bullet points, no handouts – and no sitting back. You will experience a shift in perspective that opens you to new possibilities.

The presentation – Don, and Betsy share their story from alternating perspectives that reconnect you to your own stories of resilience – stories perhaps pushed aside or forgotten over time. Why is this important? It’s the inspiration that comes from recognizing your personal achievements in the face of challenge – and then building from there.

The Workshop:


Don and Betsy guide the workshop using The6Questions™ that sparks your new perspective on achievement, relationships, and greater personal capacity. With participants sharing one-to-one, the exercise promotes deeper listening, trust, and empathy – a rewarding experience of vulnerability.

The program incorporates the latest in applied neuroscience research to help participants with “speed-to-insight.” During the program, participants will find themselves stripped of pretense – a visceral experience – with insight-driven conversations delivering new perspectives.

Profound Resilience is far more than a program; it’s a life lesson that engages every sense from survival, adaptability, and teamwork, closing with strategies to fracture personal barriers that help participants be greater communicators, decision-makers, and leaders Dara Bassock Marvel, Director of Events, The Leadership Investment

For all of you C-Level execs, business owners and corporate leaders who already know everything like I do and who have read all the books like I have and who simply don’t have time for meetings like I don’t – I implore you to ignore the carping voice of conventional methods and meet with Don and Betsy. I was absolutely floored by the thoughtful insight that only a team like these two genuine human beings can deliver. I’m very excited to see what lies ahead for our company as we continue to engage with Profound Resilience. Thank you, Don and BetsyKen Bell, President, Genesis Health

The Profound Resilience program was one of the most moving presentations I have ever attended. The workshop that followed Don and Betsy’s story helped participants get to know each other, and with the one on one breakout exercise, it allowed us to explore more in-depth, genuine conversations. It was a unique opportunity – one that our senior leadership team enthusiastically participated in as well. Don and Betsy’s program gave our conference a sense of transparency, cooperation, and enthusiasm not previously achieved. It was an absolute honor to work with both of them –  Thuy-Van Le, Dealer Data Specialist and Connect BRG Large Events Lead, OppenheimerFunds


Your experience:

• A shift -> new perspective
• Insight -> action
• Stronger resilience -> greater capacity -> higher achievement


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