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Don and BetsyWe are certified professional coaches who focus on helping you use resilience more effectively to achieve big goals.

The ProfoundResilience™ coaching process is a highly collaborative brain-based method that facilitates “thinking” conversations that will ignite your insights.  We’ll work with you to turn those insights into robust plans to reach your goals.

3dquoteI found myself shocked that I was so open with these two people who I had only just met when I am typically a very reserved person…but then I remembered that they ‘get it.’ – Chelsy Woods Klein, Reporter, Columbine Courier

We really do “get it” and understand how a change in thinking and behavior can dramatically propel your success.

Your speed-to-insight:

Our approach uses the latest in applied neuroscience research, tools, and skills to help with your “speed-to-insight.” You’ll find our coaching conversations with you to be insight-driven through improved thinking – all in a process that has you move from knowing something to doing something.

Survey tool:

As a Certified Coach, Predictive Index® (PI®), we offer you an optional self-report tool that measures your work-related personality as observed in your occupational or organizational group setting. Measurement results are provided to you in high contrast graphical presentation over that of pre-packaged generalized narratives. The survey tool helps to facilitate your speed-to-insight in three domains:

  • Self – How you describe your genuine self
  • Self Concept – How others expect you to behave at work
  • Synthesis – Your observable behavior (delta) between Self and Self Concept

Be it your first time, or if you’re familiar with coaching – you’ll find engagement with us is a natural process.  You schedule a discovery meeting when you are comfortable and focused to thoroughly discuss your objectives.  After that initial discussion, you’ll determine if a coaching relationship with us serves your needs.  A written proposal would be developed for you that outlines coaching plan options, expectations, time frames, and fees.

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