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The Profound Resilience program is fresh, disorienting, and transformational – it is the spark that opens you to possibilities. Don Keller and Betsy Keyes – a husband and wife team – share their story then guide you in a discussion using The6Questions™ that strengthens your resilience and changes your perspective – on the spot.



Matthew TaylorTheir story is beautifully told from both of their perspectives and had our audience spellbound. Their honesty and willingness to share the pain, fear, and deep love that they experienced during their journey brought us as a group closer together. It was as if we had all survived a terrifying Roller Coaster ride, and had lived to tell the tale. After the telling of their story, Don and Betsy skillfully transitioned us into different exercises allowing us to immediately take the lessons we had learned and apply them to our current working environments. Their facilitation encouraged openness from all the attendees that led to lively discussions – which proved to be most valuable. Thank you, Don and Betsy, for a most rewarding experienceMatthew Taylor, Founder/Owner, Persuasion through Narrative

Le1The Profound Resilience program was one of the most moving presentations I have ever attended. The workshop that followed Don and Betsy’s story helped participants get to know each other, and with the one on one breakout exercise, it allowed us to explore more in-depth, genuine conversations. It was a unique opportunity – one that our senior leadership team enthusiastically participated in. Don and Betsy’s program gave our conference a sense of transparency, cooperation, and enthusiasm not previously achieved. It was an absolute honor and a delight to work with both of them – Thuy-Van Le, Dealer Data Specialist, and Connect BRG Large Events Lead, OppenheimerFunds.

Mike CroyI enjoyed participating in the Profound Resilience program presented to the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum. When I went home I told my fiancée that it was the best business presentation I’ve ever seen. Don and Betsy’s story was beautifully told with the workshop experience that followed – eye-openingMike Croy, Regional Sales Manager, Avoka

Scott2Don and Betsy have not only been a great support to me personally and professionally but have provided their Profound Resilience program for our entire team at Family Tree. In my experience seeing their presentation or just chatting with them over a coffeeI always come away energized. It’s their energy and resilient mindset that has helped us deliver on our mission – empowering change and transforming the lives of the people we serve. Thank you, Don and Betsy – Scott Shields, CEO, Family Tree

Cristine DasproDon and Betsy are a powerful team, incredible trainers, facilitators, and leaders. The Leadership Investment is very grateful to have Don and Betsy as part of our speaker series offered to our corporate members. Their style of presentation has compassion and real-life experience shared from the heart. Our constituents receive a gift when they hear Don and Betsy speak. They have a genuinely remarkable stage dynamic Christine Daspro Vice President – Sponsorship and Programs, The Leadership Investment

KristinBy sharing their story that moves from significant life tragedy to a transformational gift, Don and Betsy provide an experience that unlocks the audience’s awareness of their own resilience. With the story serving as a central connecting point, their workshop introduces a process that opens the audience to new possibilities. Their facilitation uses brain-based coaching techniques to generate insight that had participants better communicate, collaborate, and connect. I highly value my Profound Resilience experience Kristin Keffeler Principal, Kinetic Enterprise, LLC

KarenDon and Betsy have quite the experience to share, ranging from soul-chilling to heartwarming. It is a fabulous example of the old adage, “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” Attitude is everything and the storm that these two weathered ripples hope and positivity for all of us, no matter what adversity is standing in our way.  Their storytelling is dramatic and touching, but the discussions that come after really drive the lessons home for each and every attendee. I would recommend Betsy and Don for events that are looking for lessons in resiliency, vulnerability, the strength of the human spirit, community, teamwork, transformation and overcoming obstaclesKaren Loucks Rinedollar, Main Street Manager, The ‘Cliffs, Colorado

wide Betsy and crowd

No bullet points, no handouts, and no sitting back. Don and Betsy’s Profound Resilience program opens you to a shift in perspective, thinking courageously, helping you become the best version of yourself.

Don and Betsy invite you to explore their site to learn more, contact.

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