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For all of you C-Level execs, business owners and corporate leaders who already know everything like I do and who have read all the books like I have and who simply don’t have time for meetings like I don’t – I implore you to ignore the carping voice of conventional methods and meet with Don and Betsy. I was absolutely floored by the thoughtful insight that only a team like these two genuine human beings can deliver. I’m very excited to see what lies ahead for our company as we continue to engage with Profound Resilience. Thank you, Don and Betsy – Ken Bell, President, Genesis Health

I enjoyed participating in the Profound Resilience program presented to the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum. When I went home, I told my fiancée that it was the best business presentation I’ve ever seen. Don and Betsy’s story was beautifully told with the workshop experience that followed – eye-openingMike Croy, Regional Sales Manager, Avoka

Once again – you guys, ROCK!  I’m continually amazed at how inspirational your story is and your ability to turn this into an excellent program to help our business leaders.  Thank you again for sharing the fantastic insights you both offer through the telling of your story.  You inspire all of us to know our resilience makes the difference Ginger DeReus, Facilitator; The Leadership Investment

The Profound Resilience program was one of the most moving presentations I have ever attended. The workshop that followed Don and Betsy’s story helped participants get to know each other, and with the one on one breakout exercise, it allowed us to explore more in-depth, genuine conversations. It was a unique opportunity – one that our senior leadership team enthusiastically participated in as well. Don and Betsy’s program gave our conference a sense of transparency, cooperation, and enthusiasm not previously achieved. It was an absolute honor and a delight to work with both of them – Thuy-Van Le, Dealer Data Specialist, and Connect BRG Large Events Lead, OppenheimerFunds.

Thank you, Don and Betsy, for sharing your compelling story of resilience during the Colorado Though Leaders Forum event – and in doing so – learning that my team and I designed the room where your burn injuries were treated and bandaged each day. I’ll use your story to remind our engineers that what we do matters. So often we forget that what we produce on paper (and computers) really does affect others lives, sometimes in ways more profound than we imaginedDavid Hughes, Associate Principal-Senior Electrical Engineer, BCER Engineering

Profound Resilience is far more than a program; it’s a life lesson that engages every sense from survival, adaptability, and teamwork. Don Keller & Betsy Keyes capture audience’s attention within moments – and throughout – closing with strategies to fracture personal barriers and help participants be more fabulous communicators, decision-makers and leaders Dara Bassock Marvel, Director of Events & Fundraising, The Leadership Investment

You are doing incredible work in the world. People need to hear your story – Resilience is robust.  I believe that our highest purpose is found in making meaning of our stories, and writing the next chapter from there – you both example that Carol Ross, Career Integration Coach

I recently had the privilege of participating in a Profound Resilience Workshop. Seeing Don and Betsy in action was not only a mind-blowing experience, but the workshop/implementation portion was equally impactful. Don had said that the effects of the workshop would show up weeks later, and boy, was he right. The Profound Resilience Workshop not only gave me the gumption to take action in my own life, but it served as the catalyst to transform it. For that, I am forever gratefulKim Tracy, Maxwell James Agency

Don and Betsy, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Profound Resilience presentation delivered yesterday.  It can’t be easy reliving that experience, but it’s such a powerful message with great lessons.  Here’s what I loved most about it:

  • Great tag-team duo – you each had a distinct “voice” & point of view
  • Your storytelling was compelling and had everyone in the moment with you
  • I loved your humor and ability to humanize and laugh in the midst of a tragedy
  • It was persuasive hearing the specific “before and after” changes both of you experienced – living examples of meaningful change 

Aimee Cohen, Author “Woman Up!”, Career Consulting

Don and Betsy, I wanted to let you know that on all of the program evaluations, we ask participants to rate you on a 1-5 scale (1-poor, 2-fair, 3-avg, 4-good, 5-great) in several different areas that are required by CCM, which is who gives continuing education credits for our program. The following is the areas that you were rated on:

1. How to jump-start personal energy, etc.
2. How to take charge of your own Wellness
3. Identifying the significance of adaptive attitudes to successful outcomes
4. Techniques for effective collaboration
5. The relevance of the content to your work

Then they are given an area for comments/suggestions.

All of the evaluations turned in gave you either 4’s or 5’s in all areas, majority 5’s. Some of the individual comments included the following.

On about 75% of the evaluations, the comment was “very inspirational!”

“Excellent perspective.”

“Phenomenal Presentation and workshop!”

“Exceptional! It made me excited again to be an RN!”

“The best, very moving and transformational, Thanks!”

Very energizing, obviously following their life’s passion. Brilliant, insightful, inspirational!

“Incredible Speakers”



“Great narrative and insight.”

“Nice message, moving speakers!”

I hope the above provides you with some helpful feedback, obviously you were both very well received. I had so many positive comments from participants afterward about your presentation. We hope that we can work with you both again – and I know our members would love to keep up with what’s happening with both of you and the great things that you are doing. Thanks again

Kerstin Olson, President, Rocky Mountain Chapter, Case Management Society.


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