Our Story

In a journey of adversity from a life-threatening fire to building a new life – we found our resilience to be more compelling than lackluster definitions such as “grit” or “bounce-back.” Instead, what propelled us was a profound new understanding of our resilience found in three fundamentals – that your relationships matter when faced with adversity, the achievement that’s possible when you reshape fear into action, and the inspiration that comes when you make meaningful change in your life.

Our Background

Together we have six decades of leadership experience with the success of people working cohesively as a team as our focus. We are trained facilitators and certified professional coaches that incorporate the latest research in integrative and applied neuroscience to make your experience more brain-friendly and useful by design. We work to help you insightfully bridge the gap between knowing something and acting on it.

Our Why

Spark_coverOn October 21, 2010, a house fire caused life-threatening burn injuries to over 40 percent of my body – placing Betsy into unimaginable chaos while trying to recover our lives. In our journey, we came to appreciate a higher ability to deal with adversity – and as a resilient team – accomplish what we once thought impossible. Now we work to help you strengthen your resilience-building your capacity to thrive in the face of challenge. Our memoir, Spark: A Couple’s Transformation by Fire, is planned for release late 2023.

Helping you spark your resilience

Profound Resilience can be described as your spark – that Aha! The moment you have knowing your enormous capacity to thrive in challenging circumstances. 

We share our story from our alternating perspectives in a way that immediately connects and opens you for a shift in perspective – an opportunity for a transformation happens.

We are trained facilitators and certified coaches who work to make you the focus. We help you reconnect with your own stories of resilience – perhaps pushed aside or nearly forgotten – promoting your insights.

Using The6Questions™ in our guided workshop reveals how the three fundamentals of resilience work cohesively in a process that builds your capacity to manage adversity. Experience an authentic conversation with your workshop partner and be ready for a heartfelt new outlook.


Witnessing our audiences respond – drives our work.



To work our best, we stay youthful, keeping pace with four grandchildren while also enjoying our Colorado activities as avid road cyclists, skiers, and hikers – keeping us nimble to manage the twists and turns we all share.

Resilient Road

– photo of the infamous Passo dello Stelvio in northern Italy
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