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Resilience for Success

Strong resilience is critical to managing daily stress and uncertainty – whether you’re an individual contributor, a manager, or the CEO. Strengthening resilience represents a leading employee development opportunity that brings immediate and measurable results in these key areas:

Productivity – inspired, high energy, focused employees
Retention – high performers find new opportunities to contribute
Collaboration – authentic communication and teamwork
Engagement – greater emotional connection to the company
Change Management – confident employees leading change

Don and Betsy are resilience experts with decades of leadership experience working in Fortune 100 companies. Don thrived in management positions focused on thought leadership while Betsy excelled leading multifunctional teams through complex initiatives.

But it was a catastrophic house fire that caused life-threatening burn injuries to more than 40% of Don’s body that presented them with the most daunting project of their lives.
Working together as a team facing the uncertainty of a new life, they came to redefine resilience embodied in three fundamentals – how reshaping fear works to motivate, that relationships matter for any accomplishment, and how great opportunity is realized through meaningful change in perspective.


3dquoteOnce again – you guys ROCK! I’m continually amazed at how inspirational your story is and your ability to turn this into a wonderful program to help our business leaders. Thank you again for sharing the themes and insights you both offer through the telling of your story. You inspire all of us to know our resilience makes the difference – Ginger DeReus, Trainer/Facilitator; The Leadership Investment



For all of you C-Level execs, business owners and corporate leaders who already know everything like I do… Who have read all the books like I have and who simply don’t have time for meetings like I don’t… I implore you to ignore the carping voice of conventional wisdom inside your head, get out of your own way and meet with Betsy and Don… Like I did… – Ken Bell, President, Genesis Health


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